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Druids of Greyhawk

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Subject: Re: [GREYTALK} Druids of GH

Here is a mostly complete list for you.  I will not be able to check completeness for another few months:

Alexia (The Leaf Lady): Low level druidess of the banks of the Crystal River, Furyondy (Border Watch)

Arahaz: Insane high level druid, location unknown (Treasures of Greyhawk)

Atienne: Grand Druidess for the Yetil Mountains (sic) (Childs Play)

The Bee Man: Mid level hermit and bee keeper (Return to the Keep on the Border1ands)

Bheannhe: Herbalist and druid spy for the Golden Bough (level unknown) (WG7 Castle Greyhawk)

Blackthumb: Low level druidess of the Tors (Gargoyle) Caledon: Low level druid NPC of Saltmarsh (U  series)

Dannen: Elder druid (vampire) of the Cairn Hills (Doomgrinder) 

Diansail: Low level druid in search of Juliana and Orlando (Beyond the Crystal Cave)

Griffith Adarian: Cursed mid level Obad-Hai Adri Druid of Greyhawk (1st: City of Greyhawk boxed) +   Riza the Tigress

Henderson: Twon druid for Rockburgh, the Tors (Gargoyle)

Hermit of Wavenair: Very high level druid of the Gamboge and ally of Tenser (From the Ashes)

Hieroman: Mid level druid explorer (Dwellers of the Forbidden City) 

Hildefar Parovis: Gnarley  Archdruidess of Ehlonna (From the Ashes) 

Immonara: Flan Adri Archdruidess of Obad Hai (Ivid the Undying)

Ingrid Hashandir: Mid level Suel albino barbarian druidess of Obad Hai (Five Shall Be One)

Jakar Whitewing: Heirophant druid in panther form (Valley of the Mage) 

Jaroo Ashstaff: Druid of Hommlet and spy for the Gnarley (Village of Hommlet)

Kella: Mid level half elf druid of the Gnarley, spy on the ToEE, likes appearing as a Hill Giant (ToEE)

Kelth: Low level Vesve druidess and Wild Coast adventurer (Puppets) 

LeDurt: High level druid adventurer (WG7 Castle Greyhawk)

Lerrell Shaereless: Mid level wandering half elf druidess of Obad Hai (City of Skulls)

Lewenn: High level druid of Berei and count of Ulek (multiple mentions) 

Loftin Graystand: Former  mayor of Highfolk, alternately credited with being a fighter and a druid (as a druid: high level) (multiple mentions) 

Martin: Low level druid of Garotten, Lendore Isle (Assassins Knot)

Meorpro: Mid level druid, also searching for missing lovers (Beyond the Crystal Cave)

Nanna: Druid vampire of the Cairn Hills (Doomgrinder)

Perenn:  Barbarian druid of history, one of the wielders of one of the Blades of Corusk (Five Shall Be One)

Reswald:  Low level distiller druid of Restenford, Lendore Isle (Secret of Bone Hill)

Reynard Yargrove:  Sheldomer Great Druidess of Obad Hai (also of Isle of the Ape)

Smyth: Smithy of Hamlett and assistant to Jaroo Ashstaff

Bverdras Meno:  Heirophant Old Faith guardian of the Menowood (LGG)

Taminia: Another mid level searcher (Beyond the Crystal Cave)

Tiran Weaverman:  Mid level Obad Hai druid of Jurnre {Fate of Istus) 

Ursunn Kewl:  Heirophant druid and former count of Ulek (LGG) 

Willow:  Cairn Hills vampire druidess (Doomgrinder)

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