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Suel Gods Family Tree

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Peter Ouimette wrote:

> How are all the other Suel gods related? Is it anywhere I can look? Any ideas?

"In the beginning, there was Chaos. Out from Chaos came Lendor, who chose his Place and set his Pattern down, weaving Order from Chaos, and creating Time. While playing with his new creation, Time, Lendor created the world of Oerth and breathed upon it, causing life to spring forth from it's barren surface. Eons were spent diversifying the life thus created, and in Time it occurred to Lendor that life itself might be a tool to assist him in further refining his creations, so he creates from himself four children, namely Phaulkon of the Air, Weejas the Sorceress, Syrul of the False Promises, and Norebo, Prince of Chance. Turning his attention to other matters, Lender's children were free to create more progeny. Phaulkon and Syrul begot Kord the Athlete, while Norebo and Weejas gave birth to Llerg the Strong and Lydia the Muse.

Returning his attention to the world of Oerth, Lendor creates Osprem and Xerbo of the Seas, who together beget Akwamon the Storm, Meanwhile, Norebo and Syrul come together to create Phyton the Beautiful and Bralm the Taskmistress. Llerg and Bralm beget Fiery Pyremius and shadowy Beltar, the Dark Mother. Kord and Osprem beget Jascar and Fortubo, thus ending the direct lineage of Lendor."

(Mostly cribbed directly from Len Lakofka. Ranet won't appear in it, since Ranet isn't of his creation).

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