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Re: Re: Greytalk Cooperative Project

Re: [greytalk] Re: Greytalk Cooperative Project
Saturday, December 2, 2006 5:50 PM
From: "Joseph Bloch"
To: "David Argall"
Cc: ""Marc-Tizoc \"González\""" ,

If I may suggest something that might be fun and/or interesting...

In the spirit of "Tucker's Kobolds" (, why not make the challenge to the PC's increase as the actual HP value of the monsters decreases?

That is, start with "standard" high-HD humanoids like gnolls or ogres.

Then start with ever-better-prepared lower-HD humanoids. A hobgoblin ambush. Then a well-coordinated orc raid. Then a delve into a well-defended goblin camp. Etc. (Those are, obviously, just examples; not a suggestion for the actual encounters).

I think the notion of this sort of "inverted" series of modules, where the challenge grows as the monsters themselves become less individually tough, could be a neat hook to get people interested into playing and running it.

Whatcha think?


David Argall wrote:

>>let's focus on my "Adventure 1" idea, and
>>incorporate my and Scott's suggestions. Let's have
>>the adventure being with the PCs traveling from
>>Bissel into Veluna, escorting (informally as fellow
>>travelers or formally as caravan guards) a group of
>>pilgrims on their way to a unique temple that
>>features Delleb as a saint of Raqo in the city of
>>On their way and well within the Archclericy, the
>>pilgrims are raided by the worg-riding goblins I
>>suggested (adapting Scott's suggestion of kobold
>>antagonists). Do you then prefer the goblins to
>>take the noble captive (and others) into the Kron
>>Hills or the Gnarley Forest?
> Now a few negatives to consider.
> If we start with goblins, going down to kobolds is
>just wrong. Our kobolds are supposed to be nuisance
>monsters, not something that might test the party if
>they can handle goblins, on worgs yet. We need to
>move up the hd chain to orcs, gnolls...
> We are talking about goblins on worgs [cr2]
>leading the party to lamias [cr6] Unless we just flood
>the scene with unacceptable numbers of goblins, this
>means the party will find one encounter a cakewalk, or
>the adventure a deathtrap. Maybe both.
> This is a trial effort by somewhat unskilled
>labor. That means we need to limit the new stuff.
>Anything new is a risk anyway and we will just be
>asking to misjudge these new monsters, again making
>the adventure too easy or hard. As much as we can, we
>should stick to generic.

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