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Re: Re: Greytalk Cooperative Project

Re: [greytalk] Re: Greytalk Cooperative Project
Saturday, December 2, 2006 5:21 PM
From: "David Argall"
To: "Marc-Tizoc González" ,

> let's focus on my "Adventure 1" idea, and
> incorporate my and Scott's suggestions. Let's have
> the adventure being with the PCs traveling from
> Bissel into Veluna, escorting (informally as fellow
> travelers or formally as caravan guards) a group of
> pilgrims on their way to a unique temple that
> features Delleb as a saint of Raqo in the city of
> Devarnish.
> On their way and well within the Archclericy, the
> pilgrims are raided by the worg-riding goblins I
> suggested (adapting Scott's suggestion of kobold
> antagonists). Do you then prefer the goblins to
> take the noble captive (and others) into the Kron
> Hills or the Gnarley Forest?
Now a few negatives to consider.

If we start with goblins, going down to kobolds is just wrong. Our kobolds are supposed to be nuisance monsters, not something that might test the party if
they can handle goblins, on worgs yet. We need to move up the hd chain to orcs, gnolls...

We are talking about goblins on worgs [cr2] leading the party to lamias [cr6] Unless we just flood the scene with unacceptable numbers of goblins, this means the party will find one encounter a cakewalk, or the adventure a deathtrap. Maybe both.

This is a trial effort by somewhat unskilled labor. That means we need to limit the new stuff. Anything new is a risk anyway and we will just be asking to misjudge these new monsters, again making the adventure too easy or hard. As much as we can, we should stick to generic.

Yours for less government

David Argall

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