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Re: Greytalk Cooperative Project

[greytalk] Re: Greytalk Cooperative Project
Monday, December 4, 2006 12:15 PM
From: "Scott"

Hi all,

Marc-Tizoc wrote:
>Finally, let's focus on my "Adventure 1" idea, and incorporate my and Scott's suggestions. Let's have the adventure being with the PCs traveling from Bissel into Veluna, escorting (informally as fellow travelers or formally as caravan guards) a group of pilgrims on their way to a unique temple that features Delleb as a saint of Raqo in the city of Devarnish. On their way and well within the Archclericy,<[snipped]

I'm happy to concede location back to Bissel, as long as it is a "civilized" area in Bissel. My thinking is that too near the Bramblewood or Dim Forests, men would be too fearful of monstrous incursions to leave their forts abandoned, and we are talking about the antagonists in the first scenario holing up in ruins. Along the Veluna, or even the Gran March, border, security would be much more lax and forts left forgotten.

> the pilgrims are raided by the worg-riding goblins I suggested (adapting Scott's suggestion of kobold antagonists). Do you then prefer the goblins to take the noble captive (and others) into the Kron Hills or the Gnarley Forest?<

It needn't be so far, even if we did place the scenario in Veluna. I was thinking in the foothills of the Lorridges.

I had moved my suggestions away from worg-riding goblins because they're so Tolkein, and moved away from the lamia boss idea because I've previously written a scenario where a lamia was the boss villain(ness). Revisiting both hold less appeal for me, as does trying to do Tucker's kobolds again (I already own Dragon Mountain if I wanted that).
~Scott "-enkainen" Casper

Why does no one ever suggest Tucker's Yak-Men?

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