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Weapons for Races & Countries

Subject: Re: [GREYTALK] Weapons for Races & Countries
Date: Sat, 24 Jul 1999 21:15:19 +0200
From: Patrice Forno
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>On 7/3/99 8:03 PM, Nathanael D. Wentz (ndwentz@TELEBOT.NET) wrote
>>3) What are generally considered to be racial stereotyped weapons? I have:
>>human = N/A; dwur = battle-axe, warhammer; noniz = hand axe; hobniz =sling;
>>olves = bow. Anything else that comes to mind?

>From the various Monstrous Compendium entries (typical armor in parenthesis)
Alaghi : Stone knife, stone hand axe, wooden javelin
Aspis : Short sword, hand axe, crossbow, javelin (Shield)
Beastman : Spear, stone axe, stone knife, bolas, blowgun
Bugbear : Mace, hammer, spear
Centaur : Oaken club, Composite bow adaptis ` leur force, lance (Shield)
Chitine : Javelin, short sword (Studded)
Drider : Sword, axe, bow
Dwarf : Axe, hammer, sword, spear, crossbow, polearm, macce, military pick
(Chain, plate + shield)
Dwarf, derro : Secari (dagger), repetition crossbow, hook fauchard, hooked
aklys, spear, military pick, hand crossbow (Shield)
Elf, aquatic : Trident, spear, net
Elf, drow : Long dagger, short sword, hand crossbow, mace, javelin, darts (chain + shield)
Elf, Gray : Spear, sword, bow, two-handed sword (Chain + shield)
Elf, High : Spear, sword, bow, two-handed sword (Scale, ring, chain + shield)
Elf, Wood : Spear, sword, bow, two-handed sword (Studded, ring)
Fachan Club, flail, sword, axe
Firenewt : Military pick, sword, hand axe, battleaxe (Chain)
Flind : Club, Flindbaar
Giant, cloud : Gargantuan morning star
Giant, fire : Huge two-handed sword (Banded)
Giant, frost : Huge battleaxe (Chain)
Giant, hill : Huge club (hide = leather)
Giant, mountain : Huge club
Giant, stone : Huge stone club
Giant, storm : Gargantuan two-handed sword, Gargantuan composite bow (Bronze plate)
Giantkin, cyclopskin : Club, great axe
Giantkin, firebolg : Huge two-handed sword, Huge halberd
Giantkin, fomorian : Huge weapon
Giantkin, spriggan : Polearm, sword, mace, dagger
Giantkin, verbeeg : Spear + autres
Giantkin, voadkyn : Two-handed sword, longbow (Leather, ring)
Gnoll : Sword, polearm, battleaxe, bow, morning star
Gnome : Club, warhammer, short sword, spear, short bow, crossbow, sling, dagger, hand axe, military pick (studded leather, chain, plate + shield)
Gnomes, deep (Svirfneblin) : Military pick (horseman s), dagger, dart (Chain, ring, scale)
Goblin : Spear, mace, short sword (studded leather, chain, plate + shield)
Grung : Bow, spear
Halfling, Hairfoot : Sling, bow, short sword, hand axe (Padded, Leather, Chain + Shield)
Halfling, Stout : Sling, bow, short sword, hand axe, hammer, morning star (Padded, Leather, Chain + Shield)
Halfling, Tallfellow : Sling, bow, short sword, hand axe, spear (Padded, Leather, Chain + Shield)
Hobgoblin : Polearm, morning star, sword, bow, spear, whip
Kenku : Quarterstaff
Kobold : Javelin, spear, spiked club, hand axe, short sword
Kuo-Toa : Dagger, spear, harpoon, net, mancatcher (Shield)
Lizardmen, advanced : Barbed dart, javelin, club, captured sword (Shield)
Locathah : Lance, crossbow, trident, short sword
Merman : Trident, dagger, crossbow, javelin
Norker : Club
Ogre : Club, spear
Orc : Sword, flail, spear, axe, battleaxe, crossbow, bow, polearm (pikes) (Studded leather + shield)
Sahuagin : Spear, dagger, trident, net, heavy crossbow
Sha az : Spear, sword, net, bow (Shield)
Taer : Stone spear
Tasloi : Javelin, club, short sword, net, lasso (Shield)
Tlincalli : Bolas
Tren : Short sword (Shield)
Triton : Trident, long spear, heavy crossbow (Scale)
Troglodyte : Sword, stone battleaxe, stone morning star, troglodyte javelin
Troll, giant : Huge club
Wemic : Javelin, Stone club, short sword (Shield)

For the Human :
>From the GH83 Boxed Set : Weapon / country :

Pays Armes utilisies dans l armie
Aerdy : Crossbow, bow, polearms
Almor : Crossbow, longbow ,spear, Battleaxe, Polearms (fauchard, glaive),
Bissel : Lance, crossbow, pike, fauchard-fork, flail, sword
Blackmoor : Sling, short bow, spear
Geoff : Bow, Pike
Gran March : Lance, crossbow, sword
Greyhawk City : Long sword, broad sword, halberd, pike, composite longbow, crossbow, axe
Highfolk : Longbow
Irongate City : Spetum, glaive-guisarme, crossbow
Keoland : Javelin, crossbow, lance, polearm, longspear
Ket : Pike, crossbow, bow, lance
Paynims : Short bow, short sword, light lance, mace, flail
Perrenland : Pike, polearm, crossbow,battleaxe, flail, bow, bow
Ratik : Spear, crossbow, bow, sling
Rel Astra : Crossbow
Rovers of the barrens : Lance, javelin, bow, lariat (lasso)
Sterich : Sword
Sunndi : Sling, morning star, crossbow, bardiche
Tenh : Short bow, polearm
Tiger Nomads : Short bow, lance
Ulek, Duchy : Crossbow, bill, bow
Ull : Huge bow, strange polearm, great mace
Veluna : Pike, bow
Yeomanry : Spear, crossbow, polearm, sling, bow
Zeif : Two-handed sword

I'm interested in whatever additions you may have to these lists. Please,
mention the canon reference if any.


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