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Vecna, and Product Timeline

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Subject: [GREYTALK] Vecna, and Product Timeline

Immaculate Image wrote:

>I think somebody said that Vecna lives was set in 584(6)?

According to Greyhawk: the Adventure Begins, by Roger E. Moore, it is set "around 582 CY or shortly before" (GtAB, page 2).


"First wave" of products ('NoG folio, WoG boxed set): 576 CY (GtAB, page 2).

WG5 Morderkainen's Fantastic Adventure: "before 570 CY, perhaps as early as 560" (GtAB, page 3).

WG6 Isle of the Ape: "years before the Greyhawk wars" (GtAB, page 3).

T1-4 The Temple of Elemental Evil: "prior to the Greyhawk Wars, in the mid- to late 570s" (GtAB, page 3)

A 1-A4 Scourge of the Slave-Lords: "picks up where T1-4 ... leaves off" (GtAB, page 3).

"Second wave" (GH Adventures, CoG boxed set, WG8 Fate of lstus, WGA 1-3 "Falcon" trilogy, WGA4 Vecna Lives): "around 582 CY or shortly before" (GtAB, page 2).

The "Falcon" trilogy chronicles events that are "assumed to have taken place just before WGA4 ... occurred".

"Third wave" (GH Wars, FtA and subsequent accessories): 584 CY (GtAB, page 2).

"Bridge" product (Return of the Eight): 585 CY (GtAB, page 2).

"Fourth wave" (PGtGH, G:tAB}: 585-591 CY (GtAB, page 2).

Star Cairns is not specifically dated. It's supposed to be set after Rary went to the Bright Desert, though, since there's a reference to "the so-called "Empire of the Bright Sands" of the archmage Rary" (SC, page 5, "The Modern Cairn" section). Also, Jallarzi Sallavarian is a member of the Circle of Eight (SC, page 2, "Recent Events" section).


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