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Excerpts from The Scarlet Brotherhood

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> I will await Sean's version of the Scarlet brotherhood before I talk about Monks and Assassins again.

Excerpts from The Scarlet Brotherhood:

"lt was on the first day of the year 5091 that I presented my vision to the council of nobles. The Brotherhood of the Scarlet Sign was to be an organization whose sole intent was to prevent the dilution of the virtues of our people. The war with the Bakluni was not preventing contact with their nefarious race, and excursions from rebellious Roka, Chebi, and Hochebi, as will as visitors from the west and south were polluting our people with their flesh and their culture. The Brotherhood would be beholden to the ideals of Suel culture, while forswearing physical and mental corruption; their purity would be like a flame, searing the unworthy and branding the inferior. Despite some resistance from some of the obviously tainted houses, the council and the king approved of my plan and presented me with a mansion and funds to use to create this order ...."

- Kevelli Mauk

founder of the Scarlet Brotherhood and survivor of the Rain of Colorless Fire

from The Journal Of Kevelli Mauk

"Although Kevelli died in 5105 SD, his teachings lived on and he was succeeded by his most talented student, Reshek Nes. Reshek followed his mentor1s lead and created a strict regimen for the most talented students, resulting in a monk-like state of strength through discipline and denial. Over the next hundred years, the members of the Scarlet Brotherhood developed their methods of unarmed combat, realizing that there would be many situations where an empty hand and an innocent face would be the most valuable weapon. "

(From the history of the Scarlet Brotherhood.)

FYI, I made my turnover for this project at the end of September - it's too late to make any major changes to the design at this point.

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