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Re: Castle Greyhawk - 100th page!

Re: Re: [greytalk] Castle Greyhawk - 100th page!
Tuesday, August 14, 2007 3:47 PM
From: "Gary Gygax"
To: "Joseph Elric Smith" , "The GREYtalk Discussion List"

Greetings Seekers!

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> we always did and still do, wonder what the sage was smoking to say you
> didn't apply the damage twice
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Count on the silly fellow not asking me about it, for additional damage from
a bouncing lightning bolt was certainly contemplated when I write the spell,
and O always applied that in play.


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give glory to your Father who is in heaven." Matthew 5:16

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>> From: Thatotherguy
>>>--- Michael Weber wrote:
>>>> From: "M B"
>>>>>congrats on 100, scott! i love the bouncing lightning bolt, that
>>>>>is a throwback that i guess 3rd edition magic dropped. very cool.
>>>> I thought they dropped that in 2nd edition?
>>>In 1st Edition AD&D bouncing lightning bolts still only do damage once
>>>if the same bolt hits the same target twice. All because of the speed
>>>of the bolt. Chain lightning, however, gets around this. The question
>>>was answered in a Sage Advice or similar column.
>> Oops! We always applied damage twice in our first edition game.
>> I rather liked the random target factor of the original chain lightning
>> spell and the fact ot could hit the same target multiple times.

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