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Re: Of Iuz and [Castle Greyhawk]

Subject: Re: [GREYTALK] Of Iuz and [Castle Greyhawk]
Date: Wed, 23 Jun 1999 12:57:31 -0700
From: Chris Anderson
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Hmmm... I envision them differently. To me, the Soul Husks are a method of drawing off power from a set of individuals that is used to elevate Iuz to Lesser God status. Something like a set of batteries that super-charges him.

I also have thought about the connection between what Zagyg did, and the Soul Husks. It strikes me that Iuz learned, through personal experience in Castle Greyhawk, a method of short-circuiting the usual "gain worshippers and power" method of ascending from demi-god to Lesser God.

I've decided that Zagyg used the demi-gods as "filters" for power that he poured into them from elsewhere, and that without those filters, his mortal body would have been destroyed in his attempt to gain demi-god status. With the filters, he was able to power up safely. Acting as "filters" also powered up many of the 9 demi-gods to lesser god status.

Having said that, I am divided on whether or not Iuz has to replace his batteries periodically (implying a continuous feed of power from the Husks, which has a further implication of gradual decay if they are not replaced regularly), or whether the initial magic which powered him is now embedded within him. I sort of like the idea of him having to guard the Soul Husks because if they were "disturbed" his stolen power would flow back into them. As I've said, I'm torn.

IMC, I've left rumors of powerful individuals disappearing from time to time. Just in case I go that way.

Chris Anderson

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> Hi again!
> Eric Van wrote:
> >While I already knew this part, have you figured out how this translates to the secret of the Soul Husks Caverns in Iuz the Evil?
> Hmm...maybe you should talk to Noel "Worships Sargent" Graham about that. I don't own half of Carl Sargent's material for GREYHAWK, and take the other half with a
> spoonful of salt. I would guess, however, that the Soul Husk is an "anchor" that connects the half-demon Iuz to the Prime Material Plane so Dispel Evil and the like
> won't work on him. I don't think it has to do with his ascension to godhood.
> >Also, do you use all the rules for demigods found in Legends and Lore for Iuz?
> The '83 boxed set gave demi-gods even more special abilities than Deities & Demigods did. I don't see why Iuz wouldn't get them all.
> Scott "Volstagg" Casper
> Yak-Men think soul husks taste like chicken...

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