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DMD: Witchfire stones

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Since I've seen some posts on the Ghost Tower of Iverness, I thought that I would post my material on the “witchfire stones”. These are a set of artifacts which I designed that include the Soul Gem. It was my intent to make the Soul Gem part of a group of artifacts, rather than existing by itself.

In my campaign, the party managed to recover three of these gems before internal tensions (caused by the gems) tore them apart. These were created early in my career as a DM, so you'll notice that they are a bit unpolished... :-)

My standard disclaimer:

I specifically forbid the WoGFC, or any of its members, to use this material in any of their publications. The rest of you are free to use it in any manner that you see fit, as long as you maintain a reference to the author.

The Witchfire Stones

The Witchfire Stones were first created during the time of the Suloise Empire. At least five of the seven known stones were enchanted during that time. Most accounts agree that many wizards were involved in their creation and design, although at least two were created after the Rain of Colorless Fire by Galap-Dreidel and Vecna. It is unknown whether they independently reinvented the concept, worked from written descriptions, or had a stone to copy.

After the Rain of Colorless Fire, the stones were lost and nearly forgotten. Certain tomes mention them in passing, so it is possible that they resurfaced during the long years following the fall of the Suloise Empire. There are rumors that the Soul Gem has resurfaced recently in the County of Urnst, but this has not been proven.

Common Powers

The Witchfire Stones all have the same common properties:

User gains 25% magic resistance while the stone is on their person
Two stones, acting in concert, can create a permanent “gate” between them
User can use any of the stone's powers through a crystal ball
User becomes more and more protective f the item (see DMG for details)

Each stone has an alignment, and will attempt to change the users alignment to match. This is determined by checking the stone's ego against that of the players, just as an intelligent sword. Each failed check will move the players alignment one step closer to that of the stone.

In addition, all of them can be affected by the following:

Any stone can be rendered inactive for 1-4 weeks by a successful Dispel Magic vs. 25th level magic. During this time, they cannot be used.

All powers operate at 25th level unless otherwise noted.

The Hearth Stone (Red)

Location: Depths of the Nyr Dyv (in Vecna's castle)
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Ego: 22

This pulsating fiery red gem is uncut, and exceedingly beautiful. It is the size of a large mans fist. It's radiance extends 30' at all times.

It's powers are:
[insert missing page]
User does not age
Cast a Timestop which lasts 2 rounds 1/day
Cast a Temporal Stasis 1/week
Charm (-4 on saving throws) at will

Those who spend time in the radiance of the gem, who are not the user, will age 10 times as quickly. Any magic item which slows or erases aging will be destroyed if taken into the radiance of the gem (potions of longevity, etc.) Any effect which induces aging (a ghost, for example) will have 10 times the effectiveness.

The Heartstone can only be destroyed by throwing it into the flames of an arising Phoenix.

The Twister (Green)

Location: The Suloise City in the Suss Forest
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Ego: 20

This cut, glowing, green gem is about one foot across by two feet long. It is cut in the fashion of a rectangular, beveled, plate. It’s powers are:

Polymorph Self at will
Dispel Magic at will
Polymorph Others 3/day
Shape Change 1/day

All those inimical to the jewel must save vs magic each round spent in its radiance or be inflicted with with a random lycanthropy. Is someone already infected with lycanthropy fails their saving throw, then they fall under the command of the user of the jewel for 1-3 days.

The jewel may only be destroyed by being bathed in the life blood of a *willing* sacrifice.

Mindfire Gem (Amber)
Location: Somewhere in the Sea of Dust
Alignment: Neutral Good
Ego: 25

This stone is an uncut gem about 2” in diameter which glows with a restful amber light. The last records of it indicate that it was set into the pommel of a magical bastard sword. It's powers are:

The stone confers psionics (150 ps) to any who claim it, along with two major, and four minor disciplines. If the bearer already has psionics it adds 150 to their current strength and gives an extra major and minor discipline. All psionics are performed at a level of mastery 4 levels higher than normal (ie if someone who did not have psionics previously claims this gem, they will be granted psionics at 1st level. While using the gem, they will perform all psionics at 5th level. Should they not be in possession of the gem, their psionics will revert back to 1st level)

The Mindfire Gem may only be destroyed by casting it into the River Lethe.

The SeaStone (Blue)

Location: The Hold of the Sea Princes
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Ego: 24

This glowing blue sphere is about 6” in diameter. It is uncut and unusually heavy – at least 50-60 pounds. It's current owner has set it into the center of a heavy table so that the upper half of it extends above the surface of the table. It's powers are:

No creature of the sea may harm the bearer
Water Breathing, on command, which lasts for 1 week
Weather Summoning 3/day
Charm Sea Creature (-4 to saving throw) 1/turn
Calms the sea on command in a one mile radius

Those who spend much time in the glow of the stone will gradually be changed into a deathless merman. Once the change is complete, the merman will fall under the command of the owner of the stone. Once the owner changes, he/she will immediately take the stone and disappear into the nearest ocean, there to hide and guard the stone.

It can only be destroyed by casting it into the Elemental Plane of Fire.

The BaneStone (Yellow)

Location: Somewhere in the Great Kingdom
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Ego: 20

This stone is about 3” across, and is uncut. It glows with a soft yellow light, which prickles on the skin. Ancient records are unclear, but it was apparently set into something, possibly a necklace or the end of a staff. It's powers are:

Bestow Curse at will
Know Alignment
Cause Serious Wounds on touch
Finger of Death 1/day
“Decree” 1/year

All who are bathed in it's rays cannot be healed by any magical means. All wounds caused in its presence cannot be healed by magic, and heal at the rate of 1hp per week. The user is subject to “withering” (as a staff of withering, on a random extremity) each time the “Decree” is used. The BaneStone can only be destroyed by the direct touch of Pelor.

(DM's Note: A “Decree” is an 11th level spell similar to a wish, but of more powerful nature. This is a spell developed by the Suloise, that can only be used by a Suloise Mage of Power).

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