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Drizzt's mother and Lareth's dragons

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Subject: [GREYTALK] Drizzt's mother and Lareth's dragons
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Jeff Mckillop wrote:
>Just thought I'd say that I am a ca. 30 year old who's not
>suspicious of all new Greyhawk products, while I'm not 14, I do
>want to be like Drizzt, my favorite character in fantasy literature.

I don't know much about Drizzt, but I sure think it would be neat to have ultravision.

Also, Mr. Mckillop wrote (referring to "The Mother" worshipped by the Lerara):
>Has anybody created stats for it?

I always assumed that "The Mother" was "borrowed" from Leiber's Fafhrd and Grey Mouser (sp.?) novels. I know Deities&Demigods had stats for a monster called the "Cold Mother" or something like that.

A few days ago, Eric Tomasi wrote:
>Any creature with the intelligence of Dragons (well, some of them)
>would be interested, at least tangentely, in the events in the area
>around them.

I agree that dragons would and should be more involved in the events of the Flanaess, but am at a loss to explain how. Dragons could exert such power on the campaign world (especially if you use 2nd ed. dragons, thank goodness I don't) that human and demi-human actions (and consequently PC actions) would always be overshadowed. Have you devised an alternate timeline that takes dragon intervention into account?

Bailey wrote more recently:
>Hey Chris did you ever catch how an agent of [Lolth] got tied in
>with Zugtmoy and Iuz?

I may not be Chris, but I always assumed that Lareth was merely there to spy on the temple, much like the forces of good were doing in Nulb.

Scott "Volstagg" Casper
Now, how to keep yak-men from overshadowing my players...

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