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Campaign Help (sort of long)

Date: Tue, 09 Nov 99 08:13AM PST
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Subject: [GREYTALK] Campaign Help (sort of long)

Just mulling something over while coming to work this morning, concerning a bandit leader in _Iuz the Evil_.


Here's the situation IMC:

(And thanks in advance for the help)

Just across the Veng River from Furyondy, in the Horned Lands, is a powerful bandit-held castle whose walls drip smoking acid. Belvor decided that this will make an ideal firebase and first line of defense. He has promised that anyone who leads the force that captures it will be made a marquis! (FYI: Originally, the marquis was an officer whose duty was to guard the marches of a kingdom. A marquis is a noble of a rank next below that of duke!) Also, the castle is also crammed with the results of 20 years of looting and pillaging.

There's just a few little problems:

The castle is defended by 40 chaotic evil fighters of 6th-11th level,a pair of 9th level mages, and a 10th level priest of Erythnul. The main obstacle, however, is that the leader of this bandit gang has a sword that can grant a Limited Wish once a week. She's probably had the sword for a few years (?).

Does anyone have any suggestions of what to list as the result of her productive Limited wishes?

Listed below is what is given in the hook from ItE, as well as what I've come up with so far. At the very end of the list are guidelines for the Limited Wish from High level Campaigns:

~+3 bonus on her next 5 saving throws (result of several spells)
~Automatically hit an opponent when she says a command word (3 times)
~A Seven Eyes spell that has been made Persistent (from Spells and Magic)
~ A Contingent Stoneskin spell
~Several Permanant Illusions, Fire Traps, and Sepia Snake Sigils spread throughout the fortress.
~ Working with the 2 mages to use Polymorph Other and Charm spells.

Limited Wish
This spell functions as a wish spell in most respects, but it cannot produce wealth or magical items. A limited wish can mimic the function of most other spells of 7th level or less. If used to alter reality, the changes must be minor. For example, a single creature automatically hits on its next attack, all opponents currently attacking the caster's party suffer a -2 attack penalty for the duration of the encounter, a single creature regains 20-50% of lost hit points, or a single creature fails its next saving throw are all possible uses for the spell. Major changes in reality persist for a limited duration, such as a single creature regaining all lost hit points for 24 hours, a hostile creature becoming cooperative for an hour, or an alert sentry falling asleep at his post.

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