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Re: 3ed bastardation of gods....

Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2000 21:33:23 -0800
From: Eric Van  
Subject: Re: 3ed bastardation of gods....

Ummm...where's Incabulos?

I know Nerull and Hextor usually get the limelight, but that's why I liked Incabulos so much.

Ah well.

Eric VdW

--- sander wrote: 
> Well, just you all knew - it is from the same site the holds the "vote".
> There is a tid-bit called 3ed gods. The table looks like this:
> God's name Portfolio Align. Domains
> Heironeous Valor LG Good, Law, War
> Moradin Dwarves LG Earth, Good, Law, Protection
> Yondalla Halflings LG Good, Law, Protection
> Ehlonna Woodlands NG Animal, Good, Plant, Sun
> Carl* Gnomes NG Good, Protection, Trickery
> Pelor Sun NG Good, Healing, Strength, Sun
> Corellon* Elves CG Chaos, Good, Protection, War
> Kord Strength CG Chaos, Good, Strength, Luck
> Wee Jas Death & Magic LN Death, Law, Magic
> St Cuthbert Retribution LN Law, Strength, Protection, Destruction
> Boccob Magic N Knowledge, Magic, Trickery
> Fharlanghn Roads N Luck, Protection, Travel
> Obad-Hai Nature N Air, Animal, Earth, Fire, Plant, Water
> Olidammara Thieves CN Chaos, Luck, Trickery
> Hextor Tyranny LE Destruction, Evil, Law, War
> Nerull Death NE Death, Evil, Trickery
> Vecna Secrets NE Evil, Knowledge, Magic
> Erythnul Slaughter CE Chaos, Evil, Trickery, War
> Gruumsh Orcs CE Chaos, Evil, War
> * Carl's and Correllon's names shortened by me. They still have their full
> names.
> My only comment - if the table is true - is "You screwed it up, bastards!".
> There are way too many gods with trickery in the domain. Also:
> * Olidammara's portfolio is thieves? Everybody hit that designer who
> read way too much conan instead of paying attention to Greyhawk. Also,
> suddenly music and wines and spirits are not something in his domain? Bad.
> * Boccob has now a domain of trickery? Oh no, all boccobs priest -
> supposed to be grave and considerate people - seem to have left and become
> Zagig's followers...
> * Who is the real god of magic? It seems as if all three - Boccob, Wee Jas
> and Vecna are contesting for the position...
> * Ehlonna has lost half-elves (of all things!) and gained sun...
> * Obad-Hai now has way in-appropriate elemental spheres...
> * Erythnul is apparently majorly screwed up if his spheres are really as
> seen above
> * There is a domain of GOOD!!!! And similarily the others, like Evil,
> chaos and law, but apparently *NOT* Neutrality!
> * Why the hell had they to bring in Vecna?
> Sander
> There is no love, no good, no happiness and no future -
> these are all just illusions.

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