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Greyhawk parallels to real world deities

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From: Rasgon
Subject: [GREYTALK] Greyhawk parallels to real world deities

Samwise asked, a week or so ago, what real world gods we associated with the gods of the flanaess. Also, Tal Meta complained that the gods of greyhawk lacked a mythology of their own. Someone else wanted more detail on the lesser gods. For them and whoever else is interested, here's a partial list of gods I associate with various greyhawk divinities. This list is just for inspiration in characterizing and writing about the deities. In some cases, the god will not be a perfect match.
Beory: Gaea and Rhea (greek), Grandmother Earth (amerindian), Hathor (Egypt)
Boccob: Thoth (Egypt), Hermes Tresmagistus (Catholic and esoteric), Odin (norse), Math Mathonwy (welsh)
Corellon Laerthan: Siva and Prajapati (indian), Zurvan (persian), Set (egypt)
Gruumsh: Horus (egypt), Tezcatlipoca (aztec)
Incabulos: Rudra, Chal and Hara (Indian), Plague & Pestilence (christian 4 horsemen)
Istus: Orlog and Norns (norse), three Fates (greek)
Nerull: Hades (greek), Ahriman (persian), Ghede (Haitian), Death (Medieval Europe), Arawn (welsh), Nergal (Babylonian)
Pelor: Asclepius and Helios (greek), Ormahzd (persian), Sun (Amerindian), Diancecht (celtic)
Rao: Osiris (egypt), Krishna (Indian), Great Spirit and Hiawatha (Amerindian)
Celestian: Bhuvanesvari (Indian), Akasagarbha (buddhist), Valevalenan (Samoan), Hermes (greek), Gabriel (Catholic), Wah-Kan-tah (Quapaw)
Cyndor: Coqui Zee (Zapotec), Leta Aquinchino (southern Zapotec), Braham (Indian)
Ehlonna: Artemis (greek), Epona (celtic), Ki (Sumerian)
Erythnul: Phobos, Typhoeus and Deimos (greek), Agni (Indian)
Fharlanghn: Mercury (Roman), Anthony of Padua, Christopher, Nicholas of Myra, Raphael and Three Magi (Catholic saints of travel)
Heironeous: Mithras (Roman), Tyr (norse), Lancelot (arthurian), St. George (catholic)
Hextor: Ares (greek), the Spanish Inquisition, Joseph Stalin, Huitzilopochtli (aztec)
Kord: Heracles (greek), Thor (norse)
Lendor: Chronos (greek), Methuselah (hebrew)
Obad-Hai: Sylvanus (gaulish), Attis (greek), Osiris (Egyptian), GreatSpirit(amerindian)
Olidammara: Dionysus and Hermes (greek), Vitus, Amand and Valentine (catholic)
Pholtus: Apollo (greek), Mithras (Roman), Anu (babylonian)
Procan: Oceanus and Proteus (greek), Nun (egypt), Apsu (babylonian), Manannan Mac Lir (celtic), Aegir (norse), St Brendan, Christopher & Elmo (catholic)
Ralishaz: Coyote (amerindian), Loki (norse)
St Cuthbert: Forseti (norse), Alphonsus Liguori (catholic)
Tharizdun: Apep (Egypt), Fenris Wolf (Norse), Nyarlothotep (lovecraft)
Trithereon: Horus (egypt), Willian Tell (swiss), William Wallace (scottish)
Ulaa: Fuji (japan), Delphi (greek)
Wee Jas: Hecate (greek)
Zilchus: Francis of Assisi and Nicholas of Myra (catholic), Pluton (greek)
Atroa: Flora (Roman)
Beltar: Hel (norse), Ereshkigal (babylonian), Lilith (hebrew), Coatlique (aztec), the Devil's Dam (medieval Europe), other chthonic forms of the Great Goddess
Berei: Hesta and Demeter (greek)
Bleredd: Ba (egypt), Ancanco (peru), Hephesteus (greek), Wayland (norse)
Bralm: anyone know the patron saint of beekeepers? And Isadore (catholic)
Delleb: Thomas Aquinas (catholic)
Fortubo: St Bernard of Mountjoux (catholic)
Llerg: Thor (norse), Enkidu (sumerian)
Velnius: Aeolus (greek), El (semitic)
I'm bored, so I'll just do a couple more...
Mayaheine: Athene (greek), Joan of Arc (catholic)
Wastri: the Demiurge (gnostic), Enki (sumerian), Dagon (Canaan)

'kay. I'm done. Any questions?

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