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Dard legends of Oerth (IMC)

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From: Roland Lamoureux
Subject: [GREYTALK] Dard legends of Oerth (IMC)

Hello all,

Well, I seem to remember a thread requesting other greytalkers of legends they have in their game. I just forgot to relate them then, but will do so now.

From the Lady of wispers and Arcane Lore, Gwen Egbo of Milbourne.

Her dark legends.


*If one enters into the heart of a ancient forest, he should beware to never enter those woods at night. For if the moon is in her time and the scent of iron is in the air, you'd had better run until daybreak, because you have entered the Lupine Woods.

These woods are the center of all ancient forests. The Lupine Woods is the kingdom of Cainuss the god of werewolves and the home of his kind. It is a forestland of shadows and immense trees, where eyes watch from the shadows that stare right through to your soul. In the distant there are the constant cries of wolves echoing through the night. These sounds will provoke to run as you will detect a prevading presence seemingly near you. You will run, run, until you are confused and tired. Consumed with fear you will feel the violence that surrounds you in freezing silence. Then Terrible inhuman screams breaks the silence your only hope is to run for your life!
Because in the Lupine Woods you are the hunted under lunar light, beware the woods at night!----------Gwen Egbo


*Strangers I should warn you, not to venture into those rugged, near impossible mountains. Because somewhere in those mountains lies the ancient city of Lavalemore, the necropolis of Millifleur's Bloodtrust. If you dare, it is possible to locate Lavalemore between the two huge jagged mountain peaks which pierce the sky like two giant cannine teeth.
Whatever you do friend do not enter that dark city where unseen forces will try to make you come to visit. You must resit the urge to go down
further along the dissused mountain pass before you. You see Lavalemore is a forbidding place of uniform greyness, where time passes differently then elswhere and the very air of the horrid place drains the warmth of your body as you explore it's narrow streets. Lavalemore is a city of Spires, towers, pinacles, and minerats that tise like claws toward the dull grey skies. Lavalemore houses thousands of creatures of the night and many more servants. It is a place without a sun, water, plants, or color. Only a sourceless pale light drapes the seemingly deserted streets until it eventually fades away into darkness. The faint scent of death hangs in the perfectly still air devoid of birdsongs or other natural sounds. Only the muffuled cries of unknown victims can be heard echoing in the darkness of Lavalemore. If you are wise, you will leave Lavalemore before the day fades to black, assuming the undead caretakers don't find you first, If Darkness falls while you are in Lavalemore your better hide until morning hoping the dark citizens of the night don't discover you as a meal!
You see friend Lavalemore was founded by Mellifleur as a haven for his children , Vampires!-----------Gwen Egbo

When next you visit I shall tell the story of the endless shaft of Greyhawk Ruins, pathways to Tenelorn and the gates to The Metropolis at the center of the multiverse. Until then adventure
wisely-----------Gwen Egbo

Well that is just 2 of many legends Miss Egbo knows... ---------Roland
“master of the DM screens and shields”

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