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Re: GDQ1-7 campaign (Titans)

Re: [GREYTALK] GDQ1-7 campaign (Titans)
Tue, 23 Mar 1999 10:47:34 -0800
Chris Anderson
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IMC he was Gorgonstar (name stolen from the old Fineous Fingers cartoons), and was part of Eclavdra's plans.

He was to be transported into the Vault for use in her fight against the other noble houses and the Illithid). She had found means of compelling his obedience. Had the party not rescued him, he would have been used against them in later adventures.

Since the party did rescue him, he granted them one service in exchange for his freedom. In one of the more brilliant moves that this party ever did, they asked for his friendship instead, and then proceeded to back that up by doing him a service.

In one stroke, they gained the active friendship of a being that had existed in the Flanaess for more than 13,000 years (IMC Titans are immortal). That was worth much to them in later adventures.

Chris Anderson

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> In G3 there is a Titan the the Fire Giants are holding
> prisoner. That's the only Greyhawk reference I can think of. Does anyone know who
the Titan is and how he became a prisoner?
> Have fun,
> Tom
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> >This discussion seems more or less over, but I read one post
> that suggested that Titans be added to the giants arsenal to create a more difficult
> >adventure.
> >
> >This got me thinking about Titans and their role in
> Greyhawk's pantheons of gods.
> >Off the top of my head, I can't think of a single Greyhawk
> reference where Titans are mentioned (I am not saying one doesn't exist, I
> just can't think of any).
> >As I understand 2nd edition rules, Titans don't live on the
> Prime Material plane(but they do visit). Did a battle between gods and
> Titans happen on Oerth(like the Greek Mythos)?
> >Are Titans the earthly avatars of the Greyhawk deities? Of a
> particular pantheon of gods (Flan, Oerid, etc.)?
> >Were Titans the servants of Tharizdun, driven away by his
> incarceration, or some other Titanic(heehee) event?
> >
> >The door seems wide open to creatively use these folks, I
> would be curious to hear how the people who have done extensive research/writing on
> >Greyhawk's gods feel about their inclusion in the various pantheons.
> >
> >CJ
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