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Re: Temple of Elemental Evil

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Michael Gillis wrote:

>I am currently running a campaign in C.Y 580. As a long-time “resident” of
>Greyhawk, I have yet been able to introduce the Wars into my game.
However, I
>am leading my campaign into the Wars, albeit slowly. I am planning on
>the members of my current group through the Temple of Elemental Evil.
>the timeframe make sense – C.Y 580?
>I can find no references that would prohibit the Temple's inclusion in the
>time frame, but I am somewhat of a traditionalist. Help.

This was in the archives, but since I never received any response to [missing text?]
I'll post it again:

All the references are to pg. 5 T1-4.

Starting with the base date of 569 CY for the Battle of Emridy Meadows

Last paragraph 1st column

“For five years afterward, the village and the countryside have become richer and more prosperous than ever before.”

In this paragraph is the mention of the troll and how it was killed by some adventurers. After that adventurers continue to come but find nothing.

1st full paragraph, 2nd column:

“—and Hommlet continued its quiet existence for four years more.”

The beginning of this paragraph states that adventurers have stopped coming to the area.

2nd full paragraph, 2nd column:

“But then, a year ago, the bandits began to ride the roads again….”

From my reading of these 3 paragraphs there are 3 distinct periods after the Battle of Emridy Meadows for the village of Hommlet:

1) 5 years where adventurers continue to visit brought by wanderlust
2) 4 years where the village left in peace
3) 1 year of rising banditry

Therer, T1-4 is supposed to take place in 579 CY.

An alternate reading though might include some of the second time period

[Text missing]

Arguably this module could take place anywhere within the timeline of 575 – 579 CY dependent upon how close or how far the DM wants to be in relation to the Greyhawk Wars.

Now of course FtA mucks this all up cause Thrommel is still missing.

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