Monday, November 10, 2008

Belated Welcome

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I'd like to welcome all the new members who have just been added to the list over the course of the last two weeks. Membership has nearly doubled from just under thirty, to almost sixty members in the process (if you have no idea why you're receiving this, or don't care to, just drop me a line.)

This discussion list centralizes a forum in which to ask questions, share opinions, comments, and criticisms, or simply to listen into the same, on topics including any aspect of the World of Greyhawk(R) Campaign Setting or ADnD(R) in general. Campaign ideas and suggestions constitute a majority of the discussion, but feel free to use the list as a convenient way to mail to interested people at a single address and get feedback on whatever you'd like related to Greyhawk, ADnD, roleplaying, or fantasy in general. Do not, however, use this list to publish or distribute copyrighted materials, since we'd like to continue existing as a 'fan's only' discussion list for the near future...

This is not a fast-paced list, the volume is determined by the current interests and enthusiasm of the membership, which has never been unmanageable. Fortunately, the signal-to-noise ratio has always been quite high. I'll be announcing a Home Page for GREYtalk, shortly, which should include both a faq and an ftp-able archive of highlights of the last year's posts.

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