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DMD: Dune-stalkers of the Bright Desert Kit

Subject: [GREYTALK] DMD: Dune-stalkers of the Bright Desert Kit
Date: Thu, 3 Jun 1999 06:34:31 PDT
From: John Wright
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Dune-Stalkers of the Bright Lands

Desc: This kit is designed around the premise of a tribe of humans, all of whom live in a harsh, desert-like environment. The people of this tribe are hardy, strong, and have learned to accept life as a constant trial, and show neither fear nor compassion to outsiders. The desert sun is unforgiving, and so are they.

Role: The Dune-Stalker takes the role of a survivalist of the worst terrains, and a hero who brooks no argument. They are set in their ways, and unaccustomed to change, but when change comes, they do not berate or whine about it. In an adventuring party, these would be the stoic and tireless people who never accept defeat, and attack an enemy army alone in the hopes that the rest will be able to escape.

Requirements: Strength 14, Dexterity 13, Constitution 13.

Races: Human only

Weapon Proficiencies: Bonus: Spear. Required: Spear Specialization, Martial Arts (A, B, C, or D). Recommended: Further Spear Mastery, Additional Martial Arts Training, Dagger, and Short-bow.

Non-Weapon Proficiencies: Bonus: Running, Survival (Desert). Required: Dancing, Endurance. Recommended: Ambush, Blind-Fighting, Camouflage, Hunting, Tracking.

Equipment: A dune-stalker begins with the light robes on their body, and any other equipment that they then purchase. Of course in the desert not all items can be easily purchased or bartered for, so the DM is allowed to veto any initial purchases of the dune-stalker.

Special Abilities: Due to the hard training, and lack of camels in the Bright Desert, the Dune-Stalkers are practiced in moving easily across the sand and dunes. Their base movement in the desert is 12, and is not lowered for terrain (although wounds and encumbrance still affect it). However, due to their ability in negotiating the shifting sands of the desert, the dune-stalker finds that on solid and non-treacherous ground, that they seem to almost fly along. On normal terrain, such as plains or hills, they are considered to have a movement of 20. In terrain which is vastly unfamiliar to them (forests, high mountains, arctic regions, jungles, etc.) then this movement is reduced to a base of 9. This reflects their unsureness of step and nervous cautiousness.

Dune-stalkers also learn early on how to blend in with the terrain. Like a ranger a dune-stalker may hide in shadows and move silently. These are at the same chance as a ranger, except in deserts they are doubled, and in cities they are quartered.

Dune-stalkers also possess the standard barbarian abilities of back-attack, less chance of being surprised, and of climbing rough surfaces.

Dune-stalkers may not wear armor, but through rigorous training have hardened their bodies into weapons. They have a base armor class of 7, and this improves by 1 for every three levels that the dune-stalker has (1st-2nd AC: 7, 3rd-5th AC: 6, etc.) and this is further modified by dexterity. Also, due to their intensive work without weapons, dune-stalkers inflict a base 1d4 with a punch, and 1d6 with a kick. They are never considered to be without weapons.

Dune-stalkers are able to and expected to specialize in multiple styles of Martial Arts as well.

Special Hindrances: Due to their life-style and training, dune-stalkers may not wear armor heavier than normal clothing.

The dune-stalker comes from a tribe where weapons other than spears and daggers are essentially forbidden. At no time may a dune-stalker learn to use, or use the following; Axes, swords, and most items designed as weapons.

Also, due to the dune-stalkers holding water in near reverance, a dune-stalker may not initially know swimming, nor even contemplate such things as bathing for many months after encountering and living in other societies. Where the dune-stalker comes from, water is the stuff of life, and it is not to be wasted or used frivolously.

A dune-stalker has a rigid clan/tribal honor system which they must adhere to. Failure to follow it can lead to all other members of his/her tribe outcasting and then considering the dune-stalker as prey and an outlander.

Wealth Options: As a barbarian, and all initial money must be spent except for up to 2 gold pieces in assorted coins of silver and copper.

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