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Re: just catching up on stuff

Date: Tue, 29 Jul 1997 11:17:00 -0700
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Subject: [GREYTALK] FW: just catching up on stuff

“It ticks me off that there’s too many discussions going on here for me to participate in all of them. That means – gasp – some of you aren’t hearing my opinions!”

Discussions? What discussions? This place has just been a big “Hi, I’m Joe, I’m 30 years old, and I have a gaming addition…” session for the past 2 days (grumble, grumble).

“He also wrote something else, though, that I would dispute. He equates Pholtus with Christianity, but is a lesser sun god really the most appropriate analogy? I would have to pick at least two gods to represent the dualism of Christianity – Zodal for the good side, mercy and benevolence, and St. Cuthbert for the bad side, ruthless expansionism.”

I think the idea of equating Pholtus is not due to his attribute as a lesser sun god (although there are arguments to made for that), but primarily due to his doctrines, and particularly those of the Pale – authoritarian doctrine that dictates the life of the state as well as the religious life, vigorous attacks on “heretical” beliefs, and a strong evangelical element. These are the hallmarks of Christianity; more so than other (historical or real) religions.

“(Still haven’t found time to get to that Codex page)”

Not to blow my own horn (especially since only a tiny fraction of the material there is mine) – my friend, you are missing much!!

“About the more recent post about the Rain of Colorless Fire, did the Greyhawk Adventures hardcover really say it came from the Quasi-Plane of Ash? My interpretation (inspired by a fellow gamer) has always been that the Suloise and Baklunish were highly advanced civilizations with nuclear technology, making the WoG really just a variant of Gamma World (or vice versa). The “Rain of Colorless Fire” was just a euphemism for radiation fallout.”

Wow! That’s one I had never heard before – it would put a very different spin on things to use that interpretation. It could make for some interesting campaign details. However, I don’t think that was what was intended, although, as I say, could make for some very interesting cross-genre gaming.

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