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Serten, Hero of the State

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Subject: [GREYTALK] Serten, Hero of the State [was: Serten the Sacrifice]
Date: Sun, 20 Aug 2000 07:11:00 -0400
From: Tracy Johnson
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I agree with Jason, but only because my earlier doubts about Living Greyhawk and Greyhawk Canon are becoming true, despite assurances that Living Greyhawk and Greyhawk Canon were supposed to be two different things.

So it seems now that Living Greyhawk is starting to be substituted for Greyhawk Canon.

As a person that buys Hasbro products off-the-shelf, now it appears that in the near future, there will no longer be printed canonical Greyhawk material to spend my money on. Just nebulous bits and bytes that will live briefly for the moment on the "web"
like the mayfly it is. In a few years, these Living Greyhawk websites will die due to neglect and underfunding, then we can all go back to the printed material.

Even if a permanent site for GH canon material is sponsored by corporate giant Hasbro, can it be trusted that such material won't be tampered with? Has "1984" has come true in Greyhawk? Will yesterday's "Hero of the State" now be a traitor due to the whims of those in charge? "Oceania is our friend? Today, dear traitor, we're allied (and have always been) with..." "Do you say friend, that you read that Otto is 5'10" on the Hasbro website? I'm looking at it right now and it says he's 3'11"
and is a Gnome, as far as I know, he's always been this way."

Jason Zavoda wrote:
> Whatever? Serten and the Battle of Emridy Meadows are both
> notable. Killing off a character and altering past history, just to prove
> a point, these things did nothing to create mystery or even explore
> the mysterious. They only prove that the campaign can change at any
> moment, that is more of a Forgotten Realms way of developing a campaign.
> If you wanted to expand the setting you should have made Serten
> live, put depth and history behind him, make everyone understand why
> he had earned a name and place among the great and powerful.
> Better to say that the Living Greyhawk made Serten live and be
> worthy of his well known name, than to say Living Greyhawk killed
> Serten to prove a point.
> Death does not relieve stagnation it merely ends future potential.
> Jason Zavoda

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