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Re: just catching up on stuff

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>It ticks me off that there’s too many discussions going on here for me to participate in all of >them. That means – gasp – some of you aren’t hearing my opinions!

Agreed, though it could also be because my opinions are not of interest to most on this list. I was one of the starters of the pot

>He equates Pholtus with Christianity, but is a lesser sun god really the most appropriate >analogy? I would have to pick at least two gods to represent the dualism of Christianity – >Zodal for the good side, mercy and benevolence, and St. Cuthbert for the bad side, ruthless >expansionism.

I believe that all of the gods were designed as aspects of Christianity in the WoG setting. It is what westerners are first off, more familiar with, which is also why WoG has pantheonistic religions mirroring those of the ious believers.

>My interpretation (inspired by a fellow gamer) has always been that the Suloise and Baklunish >were highly advanced civilizations with nuclear technology, making the WoG really just a >variant of Gamma World (or vice versa). The “Rain of Colorless Fire” was just a euphemism >for radiation fallout.

Actually I had come to this conclusion for a while also, especially with machines like the Apparatus of Kwalish and Lum and Leuk-ohuman looking androids on I hinting that it may have been a from a human space colony from Oerth’s past. Not to mention other little clues, even though most likely put there just for an in joke amongst game designers, like a model of trine of Tomoachan. Maybe even the ship in the Barrier Peaks is the Warden….

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