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Re: Why there's no Furyluna

Date: Wed, 3 Sep 1997 13:25:12 +0200
From: Truls Pdrsson gratrul@SUD005.ERICSSON.SE
Subject: Re: [GREYTALK] Why there’s no Furyluna

John Argenziano wrote:
This is a good question. I’m interested to see how others handled the situation. Here’s what’s happening in my (Pre-War) campaign:

The PCs are from the C of Ulek, and don’t know too much about Furyondish high politics. They free Thrommel from TOEE, and travel with him to Verbobonc. There they learn that two years ago, King Belvor (a widower) married Lady Jolene himself in order to preserve the Furyondy-Velunic political alliance. [This type of behavior was not uncommon in real-world medieval courts.]


This has left the PCs in the middle of a potential civil war between two largely-LG and well-meaning factions. [Note to DMs: You should see them squirm.]

And all the while, Iuz sits laughing on his seat of bone.

I like this a lot. A good way to show how good can end up fighting good. My mind directly turns to the possible reactions by other nations. Like the Shield Lands and Highfolk.
Now the Shield Lands would probably try to remain neutral but active somehow trying to negotiate, they don’t want a shattered Furyondy as their own position is rather perilous. But a strong Furyondy wich is in debt to them would be ideal.
As for Highfolk it becomes a tough choice. They need a strong Furyondy to protect them against Iuz, but should they really get involved. What about the elven knights of the Hart will they side with there human brothers or sit it out. Should they aim for a position as mediators?

What of Dyvers, would they be pressed to choose side and economically support one side. If they choose wisely they would secure their independence for the future, if not they could risk an attack by the winner. Though it would be best to avoid taking sides, that might not be an option due to inner pressure, (Belvor is the rightful king or Thrommel has promised us increased trade). Or maybe one of the southern nobles are pressing them trying to get at their lucrative trade position in one way or another.

And what about Verbobonc, and the general populace of Veluna and Furyondy could they be made to take sides. Both Thrommel and Belvor would think twice before attacking their own peasants.

Iuz is not to be forgotten he would not only laugh but he would actively sow dissent among the factions, and spread lies something he is very good at.

And all this because a bunch of PCs happened to find and free a prisoner in a temple. Hmmm maybe lawful PCs should get a xp penalty for causing this chaos :-)



Oh by the way:

Ronald Melvin Gaw wrote:

>Is anyone interested in seeing material related to the original ‘Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh’ series?
>Most importantly, does anyone care if I do this?

Yes we do care! And I personally would love to see this. My players finished U1 but blew it in U2. Being captured by the Lizard Men before even getting into the caves.

One day they will learn not to camp close to the monster lair. I would say once in blue moon, but in greyhawk that is quite often.


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