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elven history...

Subject: [GREYTALK] elven history...
Date: Thu, 8 Apr 1999 09:04:00 +0000
From: "Farina, Jason"
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I posted a while ago with a passing idea of a dark patch in Elven history and I think I would like to develope the idea a bit more.

The Basics:

Elves have a part of their history that they are ashamed of, and afraid of. When Humans first appeared, they were hunted down like animals by the Elves. They were thought of as an anomoly that was outside of nature and thus threatened to disrupt the harmony the Elves had in the world. Eventually, an enterprising Elf came up with the idea of not killing them but rather using them. Slavery.

So, colonies were formed which the elves used to grow their 'stock', and massive cullings took place periodically. Some humans fled to deep caves. Of these, some met the dwarves who took pity on the humans and sheltered them. They taught them how to make weapons and to defend themselves. The humans, as is their innate ability, adapted extremely well to these new skills. Other humans encountered grisly fates below the ground.

Elven chase parties hunted down the humans. One party followed into the Earth, where elves usually avoided. The Dwarves, fearing the damage a full scale war would inflict on both long-lived races, sadly turned the humans away. They fled further down. The elves followed. And there, in the dark, they met the Drow. The humans were forgotten about as the ancient enemies learned once more of each other's existance. The drow believing that the surface elves had perished under the blazing sun as their Dogma told them (Drizz't books??) and the surface elves believing the Drow long dead beneath the ground. War happened then.

Meanwhile, the humans in the Dwarven camps grew nervous. The dwarves had refused to help other humans. Did the dwarves want the same as the elves? another human quality surfaced. Reasonless Distrust. The humans took their leave of the Dwarves and made for the surface, they left quietly in the night. The dwarves were angry at the rudeness of this act, and the ingratitude of the humans. Shutting their doors they vowed to evermore leave the surface to it's own devices. War raged between the Elven worlds. Caught up in their conflict, the Elves 'forgot' about the humans. Colonies became communities. Cullings grew less frequent. The humans that returned from the Dwarven Kingdoms taught their brothers the art of forging and carving. Generations passed and the elves finally pushed the Drow back. They would have followed them and obliterated their enemies in their own lair if it were not for the new enemy. The humans had learned how to use weapons of their own forging. Their ability to learn had allowed some of them to emulate the magic of the Elves. Some deities (to be decided) had taken the humans under their wings. And they were many. The elves tried a culling, but the humans fought back. And they fought back with generations of hatred. They not only defended themselves but lead invasion after invasion into Elven territory.

OK. That's what I got for now. I am toying with the idea that some of the older elves survived, cut off from the rest of the world, hteir traditions and practises unchanged. The elves are ashamed and afraid of this period in history. Ashamed of their lack of foresight, cruelty and complete lack of their much lauded wisdom. Afraid because, if the humans were to find out it could spark off a whole new wave of
anti-racial feeling among them. Small disputes could evolve into war. And right now, the humans are a lot more powerful than they were all that time ago.

As for the God. I was wondering if the Dwarven connection would be a good excuse for Ulaa? Maybe Titans could be introduced here?

The drow, would this have been before or after Lolth's arrival. Are they lolth or EEG drow? (or some other).

Any comments, suggestions, expansions to the idea or corrections?


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