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Wayfarers Guide to the Teckla Republic

Date: Fri, 31 Dec 1999 16:03:05 EST
From: Issak Haywood
Subject: Wayfarers Guide to the Teckla Republic

Hi all-
Well with the impending doom of the world I thought that I would email a few more of my Wayfarers Guides out.
Have a great weekend and new year - and celebrate the last year of the 20th century. Were still a year off from the MM!

The Wayfarers Guide to the Teckla Republic

Location:Northern most portion of the Empire of Keoland. The eastern border is the Lort River, while the Margom River and the Rushmoor's are the northern border.

Languages:Keoish and Olvish being the most common.

Coinage:Gold Bar (10gp), Emperor (1pp), Gold Duke (1gp), Juzai (1ep), Teckla (5sp), Crown (1sp), Noble (5cp), Copper Common (1cp).

Government Type:Constitutinal Dukedom. The Duke holds most of the power, with elected officials of each of the territory cities. The elected representatives are elected by the people of the city, and represent them in all matters concerning the town in dealings with the Duke.

Industries:Agriculture, Fishing, Trade, Military, Herding, Textiles (fine cloth, wool, etc..)

Description:The Teckla Republic is one of the wealthiest territories in the Empire. The Teckla Plains, the Republics heartland, produces enough grain to feed the territory twice over. Fish are bountiful on both the Lort and Margom Rivers. Teckla merchants have traded profitably with other nations and territories, both near and far since the end of the First Imperialist Age of Keoland. The past Greyhawk Wars and the humanoid invasions of Geoff and Sterich had slightly beggared the territory by both the cost of the wars and the influx of people, however, with the Liberation of Sterich, that damage has since been cleared. During those days, the Republic had retained its power through trade and diplomacy.
The former Lord Duke of the Republic, now Emperor Adon E' Keirion, had proposed and instituted the annual athletic competition, the first was hosted by Dragaera City, and now is hosted by each of the cities every year.
The Republic is a founding member of the San-Giti Defense League, helping to discourage the invasions by the giants of Geoff, and in bringing those interested in re-taking the Lost Lands of Geoff.

Notable Sites:The Teckla Republic has several cities founded on trade.
Dragaera City (pop. 46,000??) is eastern most, on the Lort River, and is strongly garrisoned against any military threat. The People's Palace (pop.??), located in the center of the Republic, is a safe community with many grain silos and produces much of the Republic's agriculture. Erythane is a city and castle that was finished in Coldeven CY 583. It is in the western portion of the Republic and guards against possible attacks from the humanoids of Geoff and Sterich. Deppas Fang (pop. ??), is the center of caravan activities to the Duchy of Pohotha, Sandy Home County, Northwest Plains Territory and Korio County. Margom lies in the middle of the northwest portion of ht e territory, and maintains contact and trade with the nation of Gran March. Nenko is an impressive example of Keoish architecture. The castles splendor makes the rest of the city look shabby (a testimony to the beauty of the castle, as this is one of the most magnificent cities in the world), and even with a population of 12,000, the city boasts a sophisticated sewer system and is kept relatively clean. Many of the public buildings are made of stone and have graceful fluted columns. Although the city of Pepperfield (pop.2,000) is beautiful, many foreigners find it dull. The Pepperfieldians do not approve of drinking, gambling, or most other recreations of that sort. Mer Chang is veritable city of tents and campfires currently with an unknown population.
On the northwestern border of the Republic lies a vast and broad Rushmoor Swamp, a dangerous wetland where bandits and monsters thrive.

Flora & Fauna:The Teckla Republic has many different types of creatures and monsters. Visitors to the open country may find encounters with herds of cattle, horses, sheep, goats and even buffalo in the typical plains. The swamp is home to crocodiles, giant lizards, lizardmen, bandits, and possibly stranger creatures as well.
Populations in the Axewood include bears, boars, centaurs, and dryads, as well as ogres, orcs, and a group of Forest Gnomes. People have spotted wild pigs, deer, hares, swarms of insects and the occasional jaguar, displacer beasts and of course snakes.
Crocodiles, human colonists, hydras giant leeches, lizardmen, orcs, purple worms and giant snakes are just some of the things that can be found in the Rushmoor's, and don't forget about the infamous Looming Fortress.

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