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Re: On Gunpowder in Greyhawk

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Scott Knowles wrote:
>I seem to remember reading somewhere (maybe the '83
>boxed set) that EGG said that gunpowder simply will
>not ignite on Oerth... that nothing chemical will
>EXPLODE. In order to get around the whole gunfire/
>cannon/gunpowder argument, he just said right from the
>get-go, "Hey, this stuff just will not work."
>Can anyone back me up on this?

Here is a text assembled by Roger Moore about Gunpowder in GH :

"GUNPOWDER IN GREYHAWK" Dragon Magazine Index
Compiled by Roger Moore

Here is a clip from the Greyhawk Index I did on Dragon articles. It has all
the major references about gunpowder, pro and con.

Dragon issue #30, pages 12+: "From the Sorcerer's Scroll: New Setting
for the Adventure" (Gary Gygax): Details on the GREYHAWK campaign, including
a proposed adventure in which characters go to the modern world from a city
in the Flanaess. This article contains the important rule: "Gunpowder and explosives will not function on the World of Greyhawk." (See also Gygax's comments in the AD&D 1st Edition Campaign.")

Ed Greenwood later greatly expanded this material for the AD&D game in
his article, "Modern Monsters," in issue #57. The publication of further
articles by Ed Greenwood on using primitive firearms in the AD&D game (issue #60, page 24, "Firearms: First guns were not much fun"; issue #70, page 31, "A Second Volley: Taking another shot at firearms, AD&D style") provoked a short negative response from Gygax in issue #66, page 4 ("Out on a Limb: Gary on gunpowder"), in which he stated that such have no place in the game--though, as noted in issues #17 and #71, Gygax himself made allowances for them in his GREYHAWK campaign!

As a result of this disagreement, the different views of Gygax and Greenwood were made official for their respective game worlds. The SPELLJAMMER(R) boxed set (#1049, 1989, by Jeff Grubb), in ****************************************************************************


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